From facade reinvention, to thoughtful amenities planning services, DOT-Arc is here to address the multi-dimensional aspects of multi-family. 

We believe in community when designing multi-family solutions. There must be a connection from a new development to the surrounding neighborhood and its inhabitants. Great design is more than how something looks… it is how make you feel well, calm, solid, safe, and most importantly, inspired. The effects of good design can invigorate the spirit, of people and of place. 

We believe in blurring the lines of the natural and the built environment. We want to connect people with place and seamlessly transition between indoor & outdoor, street & balcony, landscape & horizon. 

To add to a community invites skepticism and energy, renewing a neighborhood by densifying the opportunities that exist to live there. When you can cohesively merge an existing community with the new, good Design can channel that energy into synergy.

 Cooperation among the developer, community, designer and city officials, renews a neighborhood and creates a safer and healthier environment for people of all ages and incomes. DOT – Architecture achieves this harmony through thoughtful, contemporary design. 


First Things, First.

Why work with architecture firms that don’t utilize technology the way that it should be used? 

if your multi-family architect isn’t using BIM to assist you with material calculations & details in 3d, let’s talk. 

We are confident we can make your multi-family architecture process better, today & tomorrow. 

Have a potential site you’re thinking of developing, but aren’t quite sure if your pro-forma will work? DOT-Arc thrives in an environment of parameters & planning codes. Where other architects see barriers, we see thoughtful boundaries for quality design innovation. Let us help you with your site analysis, massing study and parking layouts. We can quickly create iterations of your project’s space to show you what’s possible.

Thoughtful Collaboration.

For too long, the building trades service providers battle one another to place blame & prioritize issues that could be solved by better communication. We love to get general contractors involved early & often. We’ve learned that our details are more likely to be built as-drawn if we’re communicating well as a team. 

Iconic. On budget.

Haphazard material selections for facades and finishes can take even the most thought-out form from promising to problematic. Designs of Tomorrow Architecture’s brand promise is to use creative & imaginative materiality choices in clean, contemporary details to deliver iconic spaces, on budget. 


See our work, and our vision for the housing of Tomorrow.