Your Tomorrow.

No matter the scope, size or square footage of your Commercial Architecture project, Designs of Tomorrow prides ourselves on the consultative practice we have put into an award-winning process. With your answers, we create the design that will lead you to your future best-use of the site or surroundings. 

That’s what tomorrow means to us. 


Show the Answers through design.

Our Pre-Design process digs deep . We look for every opportunity to solve problems with thoughtful design. 

Typically, the earlier you begin design conversations with your chosen design professional, the better.  Most of our commercial clients know where to go to find their zone, overlays, etc– but the Pre-Design period of your project can & should be so much more.

We often recommend new clients with  development projects to hire us for minimal preliminary services, completely separately from the remainder of the Project Scope. This accomplishes two things- 1. We get chance feel each other out before we embark on our project together, and 2. (and perhaps more importantly) Together we can establish the entire project goals by teasing out the vision you have for your project without major commitments.


HOW DOES DOT-ARC help me create

An experience?

You should be adding elements of your brand to every element of your design. If not, you are missing opportunities to drive deep affinity with the humans who interact with your space. Learn more about how DOT-Architecture crafts the overall experience of your commercial space.

we provide

Full Architecture & Tenant improvement services.

Work with us. 

Allow us to show you what using the latest technology in the construction industry does for your project. 


Is your ideal space possible? Our services start with the initial concept & seeing if your goals are inline with your expectations. We know every good relationship starts with clear & defined responsibilities. We set those here.

Construction Documents.

Would you believe the lions-share of our work isn't even done yet? Once we've settled on key elements of your new commercial architecture project, we then must create drawings that will clearly communicate to your contractor the intent of the design we've worked so hard on together. Going beyond the "floor-plan" or "blueprints" (which... aren't blue at all...) DOT-Arc uses the latest in 3D modeling & BIM software to as accurately as possible depict your project.


Once we know the boundaries that have been set through our process of questions & answers, we know where the opportunities are to exercise creativity. This allows us to start laying out the pieces of the puzzle for your new commercial project.


DOT-Arc is very familiar with the permitting process- and we do our best to not only explain the complexities of that process to you, keeping you updated on the progress along the way, but we pride ourselves on clearly communicating with officials in the city you've chosen to build in so that your project moves along as quickly as possible.

Design Development

We thoroughly review & review again the needs, wants, hopes & desires of the final space. With DOT-Arc, you get iconic, on-budget, and that means we try our hardest to create design elements that are memorable, remarkable and on-brand.

Construction contract

While we don't currently act as construction managers or general contractors, we have decades of construction experience. We understand the details we've created, in...detail... because we've actually either built them ourselves, or have told others how to build them successfully. We work hard to create as little surprises as possible at this point in the projects that we work on. We act as your representative in those tough conversations with your contractors.