We believe fabrication has the power to drastically change the course of the built environment. Theoretically, the art of digital fabrication, or using computer aided cutting & printing equipment oftentimes get value-engineered to just that…theory. Currently relegated to research projects or experiments new realm of possibilities for architectural expression, we believe that digital fabrication has its place in every project. Why buy something boring off the shelf when you could have custom elements in your project that no one else will have in theirs? At Designs of Tomorrow Architecture, we bust through limiting beliefs about what fabricated elements could be, and we show our clients what their spaces should  be-  that’s the impact that this technology can have on your architectural project. 

From reimagining dental moldings in your custom home or remodel to using elements of your logo to create unique checkout areas for your new restaurant, DOT-Arc uses digital fab to craft elements that feel essential to a space. 

Let’s use the tools available today to design your architecture of tomorrow.