Answering the Challenges to Urban Infill

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How can an architect help a developer create community conversation? 

The challenge of designing multi-family housing is the same as designing any other type of building. But when you add in the challenges of community, it becomes a much more complex task.

We believe that good design can have a positive impact on people and their surroundings, both now and for years to come. Our approach to design takes into account how residents will live with each other within a community; we call this “community first” thinking. It requires us to be deeply engaged with our clients from start to finish – understanding their vision, listening carefully to what they want and need from their development project, collaborating closely during every phase of planning and construction, and always being available for questions or concerns along the way.

DOT-Arc believes that good design must take into account all aspects of its surrounding environment – including its immediate neighborhood context as well as broader regional considerations such as climate change adaptation strategies for buildings located in flood zones or hurricane paths; energy crisis resiliency and beyond.


The problem with poorly sited
multi-family developments

If you want to build a new Salt Lake City, Utah multi-family project, how do you ensure that the design of your building will be in harmony with its urban & mountain valley surroundings?

Most poorly designed multi-family projects are built without any regard for their surroundings. The buildings don’t fit into the neighborhood and disrupts the flow of life around them. They create feelings of uneasiness and insecurity among people living nearby. This lack of connection is also reflected in their design; they only focus on marginal aesthetics with poor material selection and most-upsettingly, they neglect functionality. 

DOT-Arc designs multi-family developments that not only look great, but make people feel good too! We connect our buildings with the surrounding neighborhoods through innovative architecture and thoughtful urban planning. Our projects are designed to invigorate not just your spirit, but also those around it!

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