The Value of Architectural Services in Multifamily Real Estate Development

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Architectural services are often overlooked when it comes to multi-family developments. However, architectural and design is a critical component of the success of these projects. If you want your development to be successful, then you need an experienced architect who can provide a well thought out design that will maximize revenue potential for your property.

Here are FIVE reasons why your architect should be an important part of your development team:

Reason Number One: Architects help solve problems.

We don’t just design buildings, we solve problems. Our architectural service is holistic and systematic- we have developed a series of systematic approaches to dissect and fundamentally understand the client’s true needs & desires.

We will use this information to create an architectural design that satisfies the client’s needs and provides a long-lasting, beautiful solution.

When designing for multifamily and mixed-use buildings, we take into account everything from their neighborhood purpose & functionality, to signage, branding and promotion of those properties. This is just one aspect of what makes DOT Architecture different.

Reason Number Two:  The Architectural Work Should “Build” the Building Digitally BEFORE you even break ground:

It’s not something from the future… good design technology practices can be used now for architects to build their buildings digitally before a developer ever breaks ground. This allows for more collaboration on the project with general & subcontractors and also gives the building team time to work out any kinks in their design without compromising budgets or timelines as much as when a quick permit set (without any construction details) is rushed through the architectural process. We’ve heard horrible stories from our clients from working with other architectural firms that have missed big, important and budget-demolishing details – we use technology and mutual trust to share information, tactfully, that will hopefully circumvent those costly details.


Reason Number Three: Design for tomorrow, today.

DOT-Architecture designs with the end user in mind. This means that our buildings are designed to be efficient and easy-to-use for them – which is an important take on designing for function and form, really. We have seen how powerful this can be when we were able to visually represent how a finished space will feel for the end-user.



Reason Number Four:  Materiality is what end-users see as the final finish :

Your architect is in charge of selecting the design for all exterior surfaces. This includes everything from residential high rises to retail centers. The type and quality of these materials can have a huge impact on how your building will be perceived by potential tenants or shoppers, which means it needs to be treated as quality and appealing, while not being so expensive as to detract from your project’s overall yield.

In short, you can invest in the latest smart home automations and have multiple upgraded amenity spaces, but if overall, your buildings exterior materials look cheap & outdated, your project’s profits may suffer.

Reason Number Five: DOT-Architecture listens to our clients true needs and aligns with their vision

We are passionate about what we do and the architectural services that we provide here at Designs of Tomorrow – Architecture.

When a client gives us details or inspiration of a new development, we focus our efforts into deeply listening and understanding their goals. Our projects often reflect this attention by giving the owners and users of these spaces an opportunity for personal growth through design. To us, growth comes through appreciation of the new space, how it performs for the planet and how it meets the vision of the people who made & make the space come alive.

DOT-Arc would love to speak with you if you are in need of multifamily architectural services in Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond.