What can DOT-Architecture do for you?


Explore how we approach your Residential Architecture project, and what makes us different than other architects. 

No longer satisfied with the way your home looks & feels, but love it’s location & proximity to your everyday life? DOT-Architecture can help you see your home remodel project in 3D before you even spend hours on Pinterest, wondering how your home could be or should be– DOT-Arc can SHOW you. 

Feeling cramped in your current home’s square footage? Have you ran out of space & room for just about everything? An addition to your current home could be just what is needed to let you feel free. 

From duplexes to Type III & Type V multi-family construction, we analyze & work to get to the vision of your multi-resident project, and know that if the pro-forma doesn’t work out, design gets VE’d out. That’s why we’re proud of our “iconic, on-budget” mentality, that designs for efficiency throughout the project, including in the construction budget. 

No matter how large or small your Dream Home goals are, DOT-Architecture works with you achieve them. Working with an architect, rather than a custom-home builder, ensures that thoughtful consideration is given to every element of every room– instead of choosing between pre-imagined typical spaces. 


Are you adding elements of your brand to every element of your design? If not, you are missing opportunities to drive deep affinity with the humans who interact with your space. Learn more about how DOT-Architecture crafts the overall experience of your commercial space. 

In the ever-competitive space of fast-casual choices, an interior dining experience worthy of meeting up with friends, staying a little longer & taking quick photos to post online that documents where you were is the ultimate in getting customers to return again & again. DOT-Arc specializes in just-so appointments of tabletop & seating selections, with breaths of your brand hinted at throughout the space.

Planning a move to a space that will grow with your team, and not knowing where to start? Let Designs of Tomorrow Architecture be your greatest asset in preparing, programming & producing your easiest move yet. We’ve worked with teams as small as 6 and as large as 400. Our process ensures your spaces are right-sized but truly as flexible in solutions, as your business has to be. 

The race for the creation of the ultimate branded shopping experience might feel as shifty as your cashflow, but an architect equipped with the retail-centric experts that DOT-Arc provides truly produces an ROI in that our proprietary process asks the right questions to deliver- not only for the demographic who will experience the store, but also the team who will run it. 

Entry & exit. Every experience begins & ends with those evaluative points of interaction. But we’ve often surprised at how many of our hospitality clients have overlooked them in the past. And you can be sure that your architectural partner is considering those elements, your customer & employee experience is in good hands all the way through.