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Made up of multiple disciplines across the design spectrum, your project will be in great hands with the Designs of Tomorrow team.

Jon Lee

Founder & Chief Design Officer

An award-winning designer with a background in construction, Jon Lee is a Salt Lake City based Architect. As the founder of Designs of Tomorrow Architecture, Jon believes we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution and as the world and technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, the architecture industry has been slow to adapt to these changes. This is the primary reason for starting DOT Architecture, as Jon feels a responsibility for the built environment and knows that architects should be thought-leaders that take every opportunity to utilize technology from all industries and apply it to our physical and digital worlds.

Mallie Lanham

Co-Founder & Director, Business Development

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Simon Rucinski

Project Manager

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Ben Wheeler

BIM Coordinator

Ben is an Architectural Designer who is dedicated towards the beautification of all aspects of our built environment from buildings to bus stops. He uses his Planning background to always design responsibly as well as beautifully. You can find him working on multi-family projects most of the time, and is in his happy place when designing floor plan layouts. Ben is passionate about using architecture to enhance community vibrancy and walkability. Ben is from Salt Lake City and grew up boring everyone by critiquing the architecture and streetscapes around him. It is still his favorite hobby today, along with spending quality time with his dog, Moose.

Favorite Quote: We shape our buildings: thereafter, they shape us. -Winston Churchill

Favorite Animal: A CAPYBARA

Favorite Food: INDIAN FOOD

Dream Vacation: ISTANBUL, TURKEY

Eric Maser

3D Artist

Eric Maser is a designer who recently joined the DOT Architecture team shortly after graduating with a degree in Multi-Disciplinary Design from The University of Utah’s College of Architecture and Planning department. As one of the resident designers you can find him working on a variety of tasks throughout the day ranging from architectural design, visualization, product fabrication, and construction documentation. Eric is passionate about creating meaningful presentations and visualizations for clients so they can fully immerse themselves in a project early on in the design process. Eric is from Palo Alto, California and enjoys spending his free time expanding his skill sets and knowledge in the field of design.Eric believes that one of the keys to great design is having a diverse team that can use their varied experiences to create well thought out and inclusive designs.

Favorite Quote: “The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.” – Massimo Vignelli

Favorite animal: Sea Otter
Favorite food: Anything made at Central 9th
Dream vacation: Lofoten Links, Norway

Logan Bushman

Graphic Designer

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