DOT-Architecture is on the forefront of technology-driven construction practices. Our use of 3D models speeds up the building permitting process and saves time and money for our clients.


One of the most important aspects of getting a project approved by the city is making sure that all of the necessary permits are obtained. The process of applying for and obtaining permits can be time-consuming and complicated, but our team is experienced in navigating the permit process with you as a multi-family developer. Through an intimate knowledge of the permit process and an in-depth understanding of which building components receive the most scrutiny, our team is able to preemptively answer many questions before even submitting for the permit. We then continue to use this knowledge, and our dedicated process to answering questions efficiently, to help our clients obtain the permits they need in a timely manner. 


If you’re considering constructing a multi-family building, DOT-Architecture is the team to trust. We have years of experience in the industry and we use the latest technology to streamline the design AND permitting process.



DOT-Architecture develops code compliance, life safety, and accessibility plans and details in a concise manner so city officials can quickly and easily access and review information pertinent to the permitting process.



During the permitting process, whenever drawings are resubmitted to the reviewing agency, the DOT team compiles complete, comprehensive responses that direct the reviewers to specific drawings, thereby streamlining the review process.



For other permit and entitlement processes, such as design reviews, variance and exception requests, site plan development reviews, and more, the DOT team uses the same tried and true process, thoroughly documenting, preemptively answering, and concisely outlining the information the reviewing agency needs to quickly issue the approvals and permits you need to start construction. 




Specifically with Salt Lake City's Transit Station Area and Transit Oriented Development Areas have special considerations for the achievement of certain design parameters of proper documentation of achievement of those parameters through a points system. DOT-Arc has received numerous accounts of positive feedback from cities & municipalities of our thorough usage of our documents that account for those achievements.